Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ready (finally!) to Give the Honest Scrap Award

In August and September, I received the Honest Scrap Award from three wonderful bloggers:

Stef from 52 Weeks of Wordage -

Helen from Straight from Hel -

Laura from A Shift in Dimensions -

Thank you again for the recognition! I love your blogs and am grateful for your support. I hope those who are reading this will pay a visit to their sites.

The award is meant to be passed on to bloggers who post from the heart, and the rules are simple: pass the award on to seven worthy blogs and list ten honest things about yourself.

Since I am new to the blogging world, I haven't had much exposure to many blogs. But there have been a few that have touched me in a short time. I'd like to pass the award on to 4 as follows:

Dr. Joseph Sivak from Caregiver Survival: I Hate Alzheimer's - - I've been following Joe's blog for two months. His mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when he was 17 years old and he became her primary caregiver. As a doctor, he has treated many patients with AD. His blog is unique in that he has experienced the disease from both sides, professionally and personally. I've learned so much about the disease from his blog. His honesty shines right through every line.

Leslie from Something Brilliant is Brewing - - It has only been a few days that I've been reading Leslie's blog, but I was instantly moved by her honesty and lovely writing. She is on a weight loss journey and an inspiration to anyone who has travelled the same road.

Amanda Cooper from A Noodle In A Haystack - - Amanda's blog had me and my mother up and jitterbugging yesterday morning. What a breath of fresh air! And a joy to anyone who has a passion for wonderful old movies, especially musicals and comedies. Where does the honesty come in? Let's just say 'Elizabeth Taylor.' :-)

Nancy Kopp from Writer Granny's World - - Nancy's blog is "A lot about my writer's world and a little about my personal world." Her writing, no matter which subject, is straight from her heart. It is something you feel as soon as you read her writing.

Thank you Joe, Leslie, Amanda, and Nancy for your honesty!

As for 10 honest things about me:

1) I love fresh fruit but absolutely will not eat fruit that is cooked.

2) I have never and will never taste any kind of fish. I just can't bring it to my lips and I have no idea why.

3) I am a vegetarian - I don't eat anything that had parents.

4) I have one sibling, Jim, who is ten years older than I, and I am happy about that seeing how my mother and her sisters fight!

5) My biggest passion or what I will fight wildly for, are animals and their rights.

6) Mornings are my best time. By 1p I have almost completely fizzled out.

7) I am beginning to lose my hair and have prepared myself to be as bald as my mother.

8) When I get tired, I twirl my hair.

9) Dan calls me a song slut. I will finish any song he starts and he often starts them just for that reason.

10) I am miserable when I'm hungry.


  1. Congrats. Leslie from something brilliant is brewing awarded me the Honest scrap award a few weeks back and you are right she is GREAT!! And so are you. I love reading your post and I am so happy I just found out 10 very interesting things about you. Congrats again.

  2. Thank you, Lisa, and congratulations!

    You deserve that award. I can't imagine what it would be like if my mom had Alzheimer's, and I admire you for facing each day of loving and caring for your mother. I haven't read all of your posts on this blog, but if what I've read is anything to judge by (and I believe it is), you're living your life as a daughter the best way that you can under the circumstances.

  3. I'm glad to learn ten new things about you. And to see who you passed on the award to. I don't know any of the four you listed, so now I get to link over and meet new people. How exciting. Thank you.

    Straight From Hel

  4. I just realized that most of the 10 things about me that I listed have to do with food! Oh about an obsession!

  5. Hi Lisa, Thanks so much for the Honest Scrap award! I'm honored once again, and think I will even do another 10 things list because I'm in the mood! I really enjoy your writing as well, and am so glad to have found your blog.

    I have to say that I'm a morning person TOTALLY, like you. From 1 p.m., I'm in a steady downhill trek! But before dawn, I'm a whirlwind! Also, only 3 of you 10 were food related. Sounds like moderation to me!

    Thanks again for the award. You also deserve it!

  6. Wow! I was totally surprised at receiving the Honest Scrap Award from you today. And definitely pleased. I enjoyed the List, too. And now, I must write my blog post for today. Thanks for giving me something fun and new to write about as I pass the award along. Hugs to you!

  7. Food is a commonality that we all share - no obsession there. :) It was nice learning the 10 things about you and it's always fun to find new blogs this way.

  8. Having personnally witnessed the "I need to eat NOW." and the hard boiled incident I will nver again stand between you and a kitchen when you are hungry! Oh and I will gladly shave you scalp as long as I can write messages in sharpy on the back of your head! xo